The International Tax Authority (ITA) wishes to inform all Virgin Islands Financial Institutions (VIFI’s) and all Constituent Entities with reporting obligations, that the BVI Financial Account Reporting system (BVIFARs) is back online effective Tuesday 01st September 2020.

All VIFI’s should note that filings for CRS (where extensions were previously granted upon receipt of valid reasons) and FACTA, must be submitted no later than 30th September 2020.

BVIFARs was updated earlier this year to accommodate BEPS Action 13 Country by Country (CbCr) reporting. Those reporting entities that could not have submitted filings during the time that BVIFARs was not updated are allowed to do so no later than 15th October, 2020.


To Access BVIFARs, please visit our website at, proceed to select the ‘BVIFARs’ tab, then, select the ‘log-in’ box to submit filings. 

For more information on using the BVIFARs portal, please see the updated User Guide as of 29th May 2020 under the ‘BVIFARs’ tab.  

For more information on filings for FACTA, CRS and (CbCr), please visit our website by selecting the ‘EOI (Exchange of Information)’ tab, proceed to the ‘AEOI’ drop-down box where the respective Guidance Notes and other useful information can be found for FACTA, CRS or (CbCr).