How we are Governed

The Board is the governing body of the Authority and is responsible for providing guidance on policy and for taking policy decisions in relation to the administration of the Authority in addition to any powers conferred by or under the ITA Act.

The Board comprises of:

• The Chairperson, who serves as the Financial Secretary of BVI Government

• The Executive Director of International Business (Regulations);

• The Attorney General;

• The Managing Director of the Financial Services Commission;

• The Director of the Financial Investigation Agency; and

• The Director of the ITA as ex officio member.

<b>Mr. Jermiah Frett</b>
Mr. Jermiah FrettChairman
Financial Secretary Ministry of Finance
Executive Director
International Business
<b>Ms. Dawn Smith</b>
Ms. Dawn SmithAttorney General
<b>Mr. Kenneth Baker</b>
Mr. Kenneth BakerManaging Director
Financial Services Commission
<b>Mr. Errol George</b>
Mr. Errol GeorgeDirector
Financial Investigation Agency
<b>Ms. La Toya James</b>
Ms. La Toya JamesDirector
International Tax Authority
<b>Mrs. Jeanette Black</b>
Mrs. Jeanette BlackBoard Secretary