Virgin Islands International Tax Authority

The International Tax Authority (“ITA”) was established under the International Tax Authority Act, 2018 as a corporate body. The primary responsibilities of the ITA are:

  • to carry out the functions of the Competent Authority under the Mutual Legal Assistance (Tax Matters) Act, 2003 (MLA), which were previously carried out by the Financial Secretary;
  • to take a proactive stance in relation to all cross-border tax matters that currently affect or have the potential to affect the Virgin Islands; and
  • to ensure that the Virgin Islands is fully compliant with the international standards of transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes.

Our Core Values

Integrity | Transparency | Accessibility

Our Mission

The International Tax Authority aims to serve the Territory by:

• Building and maintaining strong relationships with its local, regional and international stakeholders through transparency. To effectively and efficiently carry out its responsibilities whilst balancing international obligations and affording the opportunity of due process.

• Our commitment to the continued development of the Territory’s framework for exchange of information is underscored by cost effective operations, provision of training for our staff and an environment in which they can grow and excel, and our contribution to the overall sustainability of our economy for future generation of stakeholders.

What we do:

  • ensure that the Government of the Virgin Islands fulfills its obligations under a relevant agreement related to tax matters;

  • monitor the compliance of the Virgin Islands with international obligations in relation to cross border tax matters;

  • administer and monitor the compliance of persons, entities, legal and other arrangements in the Virgin Islands with this Act and any mutual legal assistance legislation;

  • provide the Minister with periodic reports, advice, assistance and information in relation to any matters relating to information exchange in relation to tax matters as may be necessary;

  • develop appropriate legal, supervisory and monitoring mechanism for the effective and efficient administration of the Authority and the mutual legal assistance legislation;

  • maintain contact and develop relations with foreign competent authorities, international bodies and associations in relation to tax matters and other international associations or groups relevant to its functions and to provide assistance to foreign competent authorities in accordance with this Act or as may be provided in any other mutual legal assistance legislation;

  • monitor the effectiveness of mutual legal assistance legislation in providing for the supervision and monitoring of persons, entities, legal and other arrangements in the Virgin Islands to the internationally accepted standards;

  • make recommendations to the Minister on such amendments or revisions to the mutual legal assistance legislation or such new legislation as the Authority considers necessary or appropriate to ensure compliance with the international standards in relation to tax matters;

  • develop, with such persons as the Authority may determine for the purposes of maintaining compliance and understanding in relation to cross border tax matters, a system of continuing education for persons in the Virgin Islands and towards this end to develop such curriculum as it considers appropriate;

  • adopt such measures as may appropriately inform the general public of its functions and on matters relating to or affecting cross border tax matters or mutual legal assistance legislation;

  • issue such advisories to the general public as it considers appropriate;

  • monitor, in the public interest, promotional advertisements relating to any cross border tax matters or with respect to any mutual legal assistance legislation and give such advice relating to accuracy, fairness and compliance with established laws and policies;

  • enter into memoranda of understanding competent authority agreements with other competent authorities within or outside of the Territory with the consent of the Minister;

  • pursue other functions as may be assigned under the International Tax Authority Act or under any other enactment.

Our Vision

To lead through our Territory’s compliance with international standards on transparency and exchange of tax information by delivering services that will continuously create value for all our stakeholders.

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